Happy Holidays from The Copelands!

Happy Holidays 2018

The holidays are here and the Copelands are still kickin’ strong. Here’s what has been going on at the Copeland house:

The Multnomah Falls in Oregon, April 2018

First off, a ton of Travel! We focused on cheaper trips to pack in visiting more cities. Together, Alicia and I visited Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Breezy Point, MN; New Orleans, LA; and Atlanta, GA. For business, Brian did his usual trip to Silicon Valley, CA and revisited New York City for PyData. More noteworthy, Alicia enjoyed her first business trip to San Francisco, CA! 

Alicia is still actively kicking butt as a Team Lead at Findlaw, a part of Thomson Reuters. Books are a huge passion (she’s on track to have read 70 this year), but 2018 saw her taking a new interest in birdwatching. 

Brian remains a Data Scientist at Target and loves Minneapolis more and more, especially his light rail commute every morning. Despite the Viking’s mediocre season, he’s been paying attention to Football more than ever, and is still ordering really stupid stuff from Meh.com.

2018 Xmas Tree

Other Holiday Updates:

  • This year, we opted for a porch tree for Christmas. A bit more simple, but visible from the street, letting us share our tree with the neighborhood.
  • Our neighborhood of Standish is changing rapidly: the cafe two houses down is now The Standish Cafe, Brian is a Sunday night regular at Sisters’ Sludge just over a block away, and the old gas station across the street will become a four-story, 63 unit apartment building.
  • Sadly, we lost our black-and-white cat Leela in August to cancer, but Livia has never been happier. Apparently, she preferred a one-cat-household.
  • Our April garage sale was a huge success! Way less clutter just about everywhere in the house.
  • Super Bowl LII came and went without a hitch; it was a riot to see Minneapolis transform. 
  • Traditions continued galore: MN State Fair several times, Haunted Basement with Brian’s sister Kelsey, a double Thanksgiving dinner day with both families, and Alicia competing in the St. Paul Winter Carnival Puzzle Competition.

Happy Holidays from The Copelands, hope to see you in 2019!